My Outreach: Fundraise to end poverty


Let’s Fundraise, Team!

We’re psyched: poverty is a problem we can solve. By supporting our team’s efforts, you’re helping Outreach International equip children and their families with sustainable solutions to persistent problems, ensuring they have an active role in their own prosperity. 

It’s great to have you join us! We sincerely appreciate your support for our fundraiser, and can’t wait to share our success. The donation process is fast, easy and secure, we promise! You’ll love it!

If you’re unable to donate currently, sharing this page with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter is a fantastic, simple way to help us reach our fundraising goal. 

Not on social media? No worries! You can reach out by sending an email with a link to this page to friends and family you think might be interested in supporting us. They’d love to hear from you, we’re sure! 

Thank you again for your generosity. It means a lot to us, but a lot more to those we’ll help. 

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