Adventure begins. Poverty ends.

This summer, add some adventure to your life while giving hope to the lives of others through Outreach International’s 2017 Summit Challenge!

Climb to make a difference

Join us, and hike one of Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot mountains while raising money to stop world poverty in its tracks.

Encouraging_Africa_PictureWhen you sign up to become an Outreach International fundraiser, you're giving communities in need the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

100% goes to fight poverty

Climbers are expected to pay their own climbing-related expenses, so every dollar raised will go to support this good work. Start fundraising today to give these families the tools they need for sustainability and success for generations to come.

Get started!

Sign up, team up, lace up, then hike up, and you’ll benefit those struggling through the uphill battle of a life in deep poverty. Do it.

Summit Challenge Swag

Adventure awaits. Ready?